Stretchy Spring Beanie

Crochet yourself a cute spring beanie in bright and variegated colors. Use decorative buttons and embroidery floss to personalize your cap with flowers, stems and leaves. Even make a matching one in mini-size for baby! It’s easy, quick and takes only one skein of stretchy cotton yarn, a few buttons and some embroidery thread.

Sew Up Spring Cocktail Napkins!

Dig out some fabric scraps to make a set of brightly colored cocktail napkins. Sew them up quickly, then pass them out at your next party.  Save trees by throwing them in the washing machine instead of the landfill, using your one of a kind cocktail napkins over and over.

Recommended Books on Sewing by Hand or Sewing Machine

Here are some sewing books that are good for beginners to pros. Great general clothing ideas, handmade baby clothes, to detailed hand-stitched projects. Take a look at our book gallery and get some great sewing inspiration today!

Crocheted Hawaiian Leis

Looking for a fun project while it's cold outside? Make a winter time Hawaiian crocheted lei! It may sound bizaire, but these are easy to make, and come out beautifually. The delicate blossom of the hibiscus, the fragrant maile leaf, the striking fruit of the kikania - all can be crafted here into fancy crochet lei that will last and last.

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